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Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Just arrived fresh orange from Florida!

There are lots of health benefit to drinking two glasses of OJ a day. First, there full of vitamin C, just one glass of OJ delivery over 50% of your daily recommended of vitamin c, vitamin c is so important to your health, it contains beneficial enzymes, antioxidant and anti-inflammation of your body. So, make sure you get vitamin C to your everyday routine. Another benefit is it high Calcium. It actually help to prevent the bad Cholesterol, the kind of cause artery blockage. So just add two glasses of fresh squeeze into your everyday, it will really make different of your overall health.

Start your day with our refreshing, freshly squeezed OJ!


Since 2014, the Donut and Bagel Company has been producing its high quality product service the maninline area.

What makes us unique is that we start with the freshest ingredients and handcraft each and every donut in the traditional methods.

Stop by any of our Devon or Paoli locations and sample our famous, homemade donuts, made fresh for you with a large variety of glazes and toppings. Combine that with our freshly brewed coffees and you have everthing you need for a great day!

Devon location

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